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Eat & Drink

The healthiest food in the world!

An invitation from the region’s cuisine is an invitation from Dalmatia and the Mediterranean, the healthiest cuisine in the world included in the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List. Fish, wine and olive oil are the Holy Trinity of the Mediterranean cuisine. Sea food, fresh vegetables, herbs and spices in the comfort of traditional taverns and taverns by the sea.
The hinterland adds the taste of lamb meat, sheep and goat cheese, prosciutto and the Velebit and Lika offer their traditional specialties, potatoes, cabbage, dried meat, venison… liqueurs from the distilleries of this region supplied during the “belle epoque” courts and metropolises and maraschino as the crown of it all which is offered even today.
Pag cheese, Dalmatian prosciutto, Nin šokol, salted anchovies, marinated anchovies, risotto and brodetto, grilled, under the baking lid and spit-roasted is the cuisine of the region.
You can start your gastronomy pleasure at the traditional and colorful marketplace or fish market. Here people still respect the real season and time for each type of food.

Maraschino – Favourite drop of rulers and commanders

The original Zadar liqueur Maraschino is famous all over the world. It is recognizable by its characteristic sweet taste and aromatic fragrance. It is prepared according to the traditional recipe created by pharmacists in the Dominican monastery at the beginning of the 16th century.
Maraschino charmed Napoleon Bonaparte and his commanders (Marshal Marmonte, for example) and it was unavoidable at the Russian, French, Viennese and Italian courts.
Maraschino is served as a dessert liqueur but also as a supplement to ice cream, fruit salads, etc. The hand woven bottle of Maraschino has been declared a Croatian souvenir, which can be a real Zadar memory to take with you.

Flavours of Pag Island

A special taste and aroma of cheese and lamb from Pag originate from island’s specific geo-position in the Zadar region. Sheep and lamb graze in the open spaces full of herbs which again because of the strong northern wind (Bora) are covered in salt. This is the very reason why the cheese and lamb are so sweet and mouth-watering.

Ravni Kotari traditional winemaking

Over 2000 years have the locals been raising grapes and that is why this tradition has come to treat the wine as a”gift from heaven, a tear of mother earth and a source of life”. It is almost impossible to visit the area of hinterland and not to taste wine that has been winning world awards in recent years.