EasyJet Makes Croatian Connections Infinitely Easier!

Seven new routes added for 2017


We already know that low cost airlines have made general travel possible for more and more people, thanks to the cheap fares and wide scope of destinations, but Croatian tourism is about to get a major boost, thanks to low cost carrier EasyJet realising the beauty and popularity of our country – and best of all it includes routes to see us in the Zadar Region.

2017 will see 7 new routes added to EasyJet’s usual programme of flights into and out of Croatia, including:

  • New routes from Dubrovnik, linking Belfast, Manchester, Basel, and Naples
  • New routes from Pula to Bristol and Berlin
  • Flights beginning from Zadar, to Milan – horrrrray!

These changes will begin at the start of the 2017 summer season, with Zadar to Milan beginning in June 2017.

The addition of Zadar into EasyJet’s current list of airports means that Italian visitors will be able to enjoy the beauty of our coastal area much easier, allowing exploration of the Dalmatian Coast and beyond – this is expected to be the most popular addition to the route list.

It is thought that around 1 million extra visitors to Croatia will be welcomed thanks to this new EasyJet development, not only benefitting the Croatian tourism industry, but allowing more and more people to experience the beauty and wonder of the country too.

If you want a rough estimate of how much these flights are going to cost you, well, EasyJet aren’t called a ‘low cost airline’ for nothing! At the current time you can find a flight from the UK to Split for around £30 – and Split is less than 2 hours from Zadar. It is expected that the new routes will all come with a very similar low price tag. As a handy cost saving tip – EasyJet do not give passengers a weight allowance on their hand luggage, only a size allowance, which is quite generous already; if you are heading off for a few days or even a week, see if you can get away with just hand luggage, saving the cost of checking in a suitcase.

Happy  travels.