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Traces of the Past

Mediterranean experience
5 - 7 days
15-50 persons

Traces of the Past

Mention Dugi otok and most will first think of its countless natural beauties that are different with every new day – for the sun doesn’t always set at the same time, the clouds in the sky are never the same and the sea sparkles in thousands of hues. However, Dugi otok also offers richness of another sort – one that has remained unchanged for centuries, and which precisely with this continuity offers an experience that the modern world finds unique. Dugi otok has become a true archaeological treasure trove, as we can find a number of accessible localities dating between 10000 BC to the 19th century AD on the island, most of them within Telašćica Nature Park. What is less known is that the bay of Telašćica is, according to a document from the 10thcentury, the first place where the practice of fishing has been recorded. . Explore the ˝permanent exhibits˝ offered by this region and let your experiences of the island help you dive into history.

Activities & Atractions

  • archaeological localities on Dugi otok and its environs (the Church of St Anthony , remains of the Church of St Victor, remains of the Church of St John, Grpaščak Fort, Crkvina, Villa rusticae, the ˝Strašna peć˝ cave, Vlakno cave, the Church of St Peregrine in the town of Savar, Brbišćica Bay).

Programme outline

Day 1
arrival and accommodation

Day 2
tour of localities in the northern part of the island

Day 3
tour of the southern part of the island

Day 4
visit to the cave of ˝Strašna peć˝ (˝cave of horrors˝) and the locality where Šime, the oldest Dalmatian, was found

Day 5
boat trip to a location near Dugi otok (Kornati Islands or Iž)

Day 6

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