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Return to Nature – Be a Shepherd

Mediterranean experience
7+ days
2-50 persons

Return to Nature – Be a Shepherd

In spite of centuries of struggling against harsh conditions of bora winds and summer heat, the island of Pag has managed to preserve its pristine natural environment and its the traditional way of life. If you wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and stress and work and bring back a sense of peace and relaxation into your life, come to Pag in autumn or spring to live the life of a shepherd. Sheep live on small pastures enclosed with drywalls and graze on herbs, making their milk and meet of exquisite quality and the cheese from Pag is a delicacy known far and wide.  Become one of their shepards yourself! Together with a shepherd from Pag, you’ll be bringing the sheep food and water, returning stones that have fallen out of the drywalls, petting lambs and giving them pet names, attempting to milk sheep, participating the production of cheese and enjoying the tastes of Pag. We recommend you turn your mobile phone off!

Activities & Atractions

  • siting sheep every day, bringing them food and water, herding and milking sheep
  • watching the production of traditional Pag cheese
  • assisting in the lambing of ewes
  • visit to a small cheese factory

Programme outline

Day 1- Day 7
activities related to care for sheep on the island and town of Pag and surrounding areas

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