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Fishing Adventures

Mediterranean experience
2 - 4 days
2-8 persons

Fishing Adventures

If you’ve ever wondered why fishermen and their stories are one of the most frequent motives in Dalmatian tradition, this program will surely give you the best answer. Apart from having the opportunity of enjoying the most beautiful locations in the Zadar Archipelago, feeling the joy of sailing in the open sea, you will also test your luck and the patience of your fishermen guides. Learn that this type of work requires a lot of effort as the fishermen of Kali tell you stories of their fishing trips. To really become one with the sea take a swim in the cove chosen for you by the captain. After a nourishing fisherman’s lunch allow yourself some rest, because the adventure continues before the next dawn, when you will embark on a search for big fish. Once you see one of them swimming around you, the adrenaline and excitement you will feel will complete this story of the life of Dalmatian fishermen.

Activities & Atractions

  • immerse yourself in the role of a local fisherman; observe their work
  • listen to their stories accompanied by the cries of seagulls
  • test your luck while fishing big fish in an adrenaline-boosting struggle

Programme outline

Day 1
sailing the Zadar Archipelago and visiting the village of Kali

Day 2
hunting big fish, fishing at dawn

Day 3
speedboat tour of the Zadar Archipelago to once again test your luck in fishing

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