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Find Me if You Can

Special interests
3 - 7 days
15-50 persons

Find Me if You Can

35 years ago, the appearance of the European blind snake was recorded for the first time in Croatia.  This was both the first and last time that this strictly protected species of snake (Typhlops vermicularis) was seen. The sighting occurred on Dugi otok in 1977, and the proof of it is held by the Vienna Natural History Museum (NMW 35897). What is curious is that the northernmost area where the European blind snake lives is located 360 km away from Dugi otok (Lake Skadar in Montenegro). As nobody has seen this species since, it is believed that Austrian researchers had mixed up the samples and made an error in their notes. However, according to some oral sources, this snake can still be found on Dugi otok. Take on the challenge and find it if you can!

Activities & Atractions

  • a tour of the marked walking trails of Dugi otok to look for the snake through a competition between groups

Programme outline

Day 1
arrival and accommodation

Day 2
getting acquainted with the island and the area where the competition will be held

Day 3
the search for the European blind snake, dinner for the contestants (with awards ceremony)

Day 4
tour of the northern part of the island or a visit to the cave ˝Strašna peć˝ (˝cave of horrors˝)

Day 5
boat trip to the Kornati Islands or Iž

Day 6

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