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Cycling by the Green of Dalmatian Olive Groves

Authentic food
4 days
2-20 persons

Cycling by the Green of Dalmatian Olive Groves

Since ancient times olive oil has been a staple of human diet. It was used for barter and trade, for healing and adornment. The olive is a symbol of peace, life, plenty, eternity, health and wisdom. It is a special, almost miraculous tree. To discover just how special olives are, join us in a tour of the unique olive groves of Dalmatia. With expert guidance from olive growers visit a true Mediterranean oasis of peace and tranquillity planted back in Roman times and situated in Lun on the island of Pag. Walk in the shadows of olives which existed from the time of Christ. Enjoy the company of young olive growers of the Zadar hinterland who incorporated modern processing methods while also preserving traditional methods. Discover the specific taste and colour of this unique gastronomic delicacy.

Activities & Atractions

  • tour of the Lun olive groves on the island of Pag
  • tour of the ancient olive groves and Roman oil mill on the island of Ugljan
  • getting to know the new olive groves in the Zadar hinterland
  • discovering the links between traditional and modern olive growers

Programme outline

Day 1:
Pag Island, Lun

Day 2:
Ugljan Island

Day 3:
Zadar hinterland (Polača, Nadin)

Day 4:

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