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Night of the Full Moon

Night of the Full Moon Zadar Festival of regional culture, customs and traditions

Traditional festival of culture, food and customs of Zadar region. On the night of the full moon in midsummer night, the Riva of Zadar is illuminated by torches and candles. Ships are converted to floating booths which offer everything, from the best tuna and sardines  from famous fishermen from Kali,  up to famous Novigrad mussels. Old temporary taverns serve diverse traditional dishes from Nin falcon to figs, cheese, brandy and other delicacies. If you are not able to visit the surrounding area of Zadar and Zadar islands and meet local folklore and customs, be sure to visit the Night of the Full Moon.

Night of the Full Moon occurs during the night of the full moon and this year it means from July 26th to 28th.  The central celebration takes place on the city promenade, Riva.