Day Trip from Zadar – A Taste of Paski Sir

If you’re looking for a good day trip out of the Zadar Region in Croatia, head over to Pag Island. Yes, they have beautiful beaches and great scenery. However, that is not what the island is known for. There is one place in particular that you will definitely want to visit. That is the cheese factory.

The cheese is known as Paski Sir and has garnered worldwide attention. There are a few reasons for this. For starters, the cheeses are produced by a locally owned family dairy. Sirana Gligora has been churning out this cheese for more than a few years now, and they have perfected the process. Yet, what makes the cheese taste so good? As it turns out, there are a few things in particular.

The Secret Behind Paski Sir Cheese

For starters, the cheese is made from sheep’s milk. The 35,000 milk producing sheep are rotated throughout the island from pasture to pasture every 7 to 10 days or so. The shepherds take great care of these sheep, making sure they are in tip top shape as they are the most important cog in the cheese producing wheel.

Rotating the sheep has to do with the second reason Paski Sir cheese tastes so good. You see, on the island of Pag, a strong, natural wind, known as the Bura, constantly blows across the area. Because of this, the salt that it picks up from the ocean is deposited throughout the vegetation on the island.  This contributes to the cheeses unique, tangy taste.

Finally, the sheep are not kept in small pens or cages, but rather they are left to graze outside year-round. The milking process is done by hand rather than machine so the sheep are not stressed. Sheep that are not stressed do not release hormones into their milk. Hence, creating a calm serene atmosphere for the sheep actually makes the cheese taste better.

Should you find yourself on the island at some point, touring the cheese factory is a must. Also inquire about the milking process. That is something special to see and is the first step to making great Paski Sir Cheese. The family is warm and inviting, and you will know everything there is to know about Paski Sir by the time your tour is complete. Be sure to buy some cheese while you were there. You can enjoy it during your stay and will likely want more when you run out. If that is the case, fear not. It is not the easiest cheese to find, but there are a few online vendors who keep it in stock.

Better yet, schedule a repeat trip to Pag Island and stock up during your holiday. Paski Sir Cheese is one of the most unique commodities to be found anywhere!