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Flower Fair of Zadar

20.04.2017 - 23.04.2017 - Zadar

Flower show is returning to Zadar for the third time in a row, taking over  the seafront promenade called Riva as its display area again.

Zadar Outdoor Festival 2017. – SAILING REGATTA

27.04.2017 - 27.04.2017

Regatta will start in front of Zadar’s famous riva at 10:30 am on Thursday and will take place in the beautiful Zadar channel. Join Zadar Outdoor sailing regatta and experience the excitement of adventure day out enjoying spectacular views of Ugljan & Pasman islands on one side and Zadar town on the other.

Flower fair of Zadar county

28.04.2017 - 30.04.2017 - sv. Filip i Jakov

This traditional event is held the last weekend of April in St. Filip and Jakov, bringing together a great number of exhibitors and participants.

Zadar Outdoor Festival 2017. – THREE RIVERS TRAIL

28.04.2017 - 28.04.2017

Three rivers trail is the best kept secret of Zadar’s hinterland. This is a place where nature takes your breath away while your legs are pushing you further towards to more beautiful and spectacular scenery.

Zadar Outdoor Festival 2017. – RAFTING REGATTA

29.04.2017 - 29.04.2017

Zrmanja is one of the most beautiful rivers for rafting. Its canyon has numerous geomorphological forms: cracks, caves, underground streams, underwater caves, streams and waterfalls and it is the most beautiful in spring when rafting is the best way to experience the natural beauty.

Paklenica Trail International 2017

29.04.2017 - 29.04.2017 - Paklenica National Park

Trail running race along the beautiful Velebit mountain in Paklenica National Park. Starts in Starigrad-Paklenica, a small tourist town which boasts with impressive combination of mountains and sea. The race is held within XVIII. International climbers and mountaineers meeting in cooperation with the public institution National Park Paklenica. Trail races are held in three categories: […]