Bura – arrogant queen of the Adriatic

A lot of spectacular phenomena that can be experienced in Zadar and the surrounding area are made up of natural elements and their combinations in different proportions and shapes: legendary sunsets, harsh beauty of the karst Zadar hinterland or the world of peerless Paklenica canyon, just to name a few. However, one element is not always perceived with pleasure and joy. Still, as old inhabitants of this area know – it has to be treated with respect. It is the wind – Bura.


Many legends have been told about this powerful Adriatic north wind, like the one that says that Bura originates at the very gates of hell on Velebit (Paklenica) – where first Croatian novel writer Peter Zoranić  had placed it; or by saying: “At Dinara mountain Bura was born, baptized in Makarska, in Senj got married and in Trieste it died.”


However, although unpleasant, cold, unpredictable and arrogant – how our writer characterized it – Bura is responsible for some specialties of the Zadar region and we are sure nobody will protest about that J


Prosciutto, for example. In this cold time of the year, as soon as the Bura starts blowing, you will see smoke signals from almost every external chimney, and a beautiful sight for every true gourmand – Prosciutto swinging to the rhythm of the wind in front of the house. Sometimes you’ll also see in front the chief of the house, making sure that a neighbor’s cat doesn’t take a piece of this delicacy for itself.

Prosciutto is not the only food whose quality depends on the Bura effect. Since Bura is blowing in the land – sea direction, from the Velebit mountain sea salt gets easily on the island of Pag, and that gives domestic lamb and cheese a really special taste and quality…


Many people who live in the northern parts of Croatia – where winter temperatures go as low as -20 degrees – remain surprised by the power of this unpredictable wind. Although the temperature when Bura is blowing is always above zero, the feeling you get when you are directly exposed to it, corresponds perhaps with the strongest winter you have ever had a chance to experience. Regardless of the clothes that you’re wearing , Bura always finds its way to your skin and makes you move faster in order to keep warm.


Bura is so significant in the Zadar area because its strength determines daily activities, from agriculture to entertainment, and if you climb on Velebit after Bura cleaned the sky – you’ll even be able to see Italian cost across the Adriatic. Thanks to the powerful and legendary – Bura.