5 Most Popular Things to See and Do in Zadar

With the cooler weather coming, it’s less about the beach and more about culture and history in Zadar.  Visiting Zadar is like stepping back in time. I don’t mean stepping back into the 1800s, I mean stepping back to the 12th and 13th century. The region is rife with history and culture. Visiting the area and not taking notice of its landmarks, natural beauty and food would be a shame. Don’t let that happen to you; use our list as a guide. Here are our 5 things to see and do in Zadar.

1. Sea Organ

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Zadar plays host to the world’s only sea organ. You can hear it each sunset from the Riviera. We promise you won’t be the only one hypnotized by the spectacle. There are always throngs of people present.

2. 5 Wells Square

As it turns out, the people of Croatia worked quite clever. One of the reasons they survived the Turkish attack that occurred during the 16th century was due to the fact that they constructed a massive water tank surrounded by five very ornate wells. The wells are no longer in operation, but it is a great way to get up close and personal with some of the city’s history.

3. St. Anastasia Bell Tower

You have to pay for this privilege, but the view alone is worth it. It will only take you a few minutes and you get an amazing view of the Old Town region of Zadar. You can also view the various other neighborhoods as well as the island. A bonus, the nice stiff breeze that is ever present.

4. The Garden

Find this local bar in the city’s Old Town section. Here, you can relax on some of the beds and sofas scattered throughout the garden. The bar offers a great view of the harbor, and has a unique vegan and raw food menu http://www.zadar.hr/dalmatias-only-vegan-raw-food-menu-is-now-open-in-zadar/ on offer.

5. Greeting to the Sun

This display consists of a massive solar panel that takes in energy during the day. At night, it comes to life with light and rhythm. Many people can be found there watching the dazzling display. You should be one of them!

Bonus: See how long it takes you to find the Sphinx http://www.zadar.hr/sphinx-of-zadar/
You can easily walk the town no matter where you choose to stay. The area is quite small, and the people friendly. Zadar Old Town is also a great place for getting your fill of food, beer, and ice cream. The meals are affordable and the scenery is amazing.