4 Must See National Parks Near the Zadar Region

Nature is not only one of Croatia’s most beautiful aspects, it is also an important asset. The people of Croatia take pride in preserving nature and as such, their national parks always top must see travel itineraries. Following are the top four most popular parts which you can easily visit whilst in our region. These national parks will certainly provide you many photo ops., so be sure to make sure you have your camera handy.



Set against the Velebit Mountains, this park screams to those with a passion for adventure. Whether you are a rock climber or a hiker, Paklenica National Park is perfect to satisfy your need for adrenaline. If you need to get away from the heat, the seaside is close at hand. Paklenica Park does not disappoint.


This national park was established some 70 years ago and has the distinction of being one of Southeast Europe’s oldest national nature parks. Due to the beauty and plethora of natural wonders, Plitvice was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  This national park is renowned for its beautiful cascading waterfalls and placid lakes. The landscape can be any number of colors depending on the season, and the diversity of trees and plants are breathtaking. A few former sawmills are all that remain of the human presence that once was here. Now, the lakes and nature take center stage.


This is very similar to Plitvice in that the trails feature educational components that gives you insight into the diversity of the forest and other natural resources present. Furthermore, there is a monastery on site which makes for an interesting stop, as well as numerous waterfalls and lakes. The big difference between Krka and Plitvice is that at Krka you can swim under the waterfalls, so take your bathers with you!

Kornati Islands

It was George Bernard Shaw, the famous playwright of Irish dissent, who noted that God crowned his work with the Kornati Islands made from his tears, stars and breath. The best way to realize that statement is to take a flyover tour of the islands. Once you land, you can get a more up close and personal view of the different reefs and island life that flourishes. The flyover will yield you some pretty breathtaking views of the different reefs surrounding the 140 or so islands that make up the group. If you are a diver, prone to sailing, or love to spend time in a kayak, the Kornati Islands National Park is your destination.

A visit to any of these picturesque parks will satisfy the nature lover within. It will also satisfy the resident rock climber, hiker, nature lover, or photographer in you.