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Biograd Heritage Museum

Looking for something to do in Zadar Region beyond the beach. Then head for the Biograd Heritage Museum which is a great place for history buffs and those that would like to learn a little about Biograd.

Founded in 1969 the museum preserves the valuable cultural heritage from the rich past of this Biograd Riviera and the surrounding area. It houses a superb archeological, art, and ethnographic collection but there is one star of the Biograd Heritage Museum which alone makes a visit to this museum a must, that is the cargo of the sunken Venetian ship from the 16th-century collection.

Over 10,000 artifacts were collected from a sunken Venetian merchant ship which was loaded with expensive goods for trade, which sunk in 1583 in the Pašman canal just south of Biograd. For four centuries the goods sat at the bottom of Pašman canal until it was discovered by chance by local fisherman in 1967. So what did they find? Canons, glasses, cups, ceramics, and Murano glass to just name a few. This collection really is amazing.

This year the Museum has a new exhibit opening which showcases the archeological findings from a dig in Bošana in Biograd which also well worth checking out.

Entry to the museum for adults is 10 kuna for children under 7 years the entry is free. The Museum is open Monday to Friday 07-15 and during summer the museum is also opened in the afternoon 19-22 and every Saturday 09-12 a.m. and 19-22. The exhibits are in Croatian, English, German and Italian.

For more information head to the Biograd Heritage Museum website.